Welcome to Jessica Tietjen’s Blog

Thank you for taking the time to come to my blog and check out topics I am writing about and sharing. I hope you find the topics relevant, relatable, and impactful to your life.

Over the course of 2020, a lot (is an understatement) of the number of major events that occurred forever altering our lives, our families, our workplaces, our communities, and the world. The changes we experienced significant and impacted us each differently. Throughout this experience I began writing about key insights, ideas, lessons, and new concepts as I encountered them. I do not purport to be an expert in any one particular area. I am not a renowned researcher, author, or expert in a prestigious university. Rather, I am a mom, a wife, an employee, and a leader in a small business with a desire to help all people achieve extraordinary performance in their lives so when they look back on their lives they think “I lived a great life.”

I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself – my name is Jessica Tietjen – I am a person with many different roles in my life each of which help shape me as a person.

  • I am a wife and mother to my three beautiful children Wyatt who is 4 and twin girls Arabella and Scarlett who are 18 months.
  • I am a lawyer by trade graduating from Saint Louis University Law School in 2010.
  • I have performed a variety of different positions including In House Counsel, Talent Development Coordinator, Director of Talent Management, Vice President of Talent Management & General Counsel, and Vice President Shared Services & General Counsel.
  • I am currently a leader to the most phenomenal team of employees who never cease to impress me with their ability to accomplish anything I challenge them with accomplishing. As leader of this team, I get to work in a variety of areas including Talent Management, Information Technology, Digital Optimization, Marketing, Legal, Administration, Customer Service, Order Management, and Project Coordination.
  • I am a strengths fanatic and Certified Gallup Strengths Coach always trying to maximize the performance of everyone in my life (including my children!).
  • I am a communicator and writer – seriously my number one strength is Communication – and I absolutely love it. I enjoy giving speeches, creating training, discussing challenging topics, and writing about people, performance, and technology.

All the roles in my life are what make me who I am and I believe it is essential to perform at our absolute best in all the roles we serve in our lives (not just our work related roles). Each of our roles can benefit from focusing on achieving extraordinary performance in those roles. In fact, leading our families is one of the first and biggest leadership challenges we will ever face in our lives and also the most important. How we choose to lead when no one is watching is a great indicator of how great a leader we truly are inside.

I started my writing journey with a few articles on LinkedIn – they came out of some internal work I did for Experitec. A few of my employees were instrumental in encouraging me to not only write those articles but share them with the world. Based upon their input and feedback I decided to continue with this journey by creating my own blog.

I hope what I write in this blog will be helpful and useful for everyone wanting to achieve extraordinary performance in any role. I plan to write about what is relevant, important, and meaningful to me. I also hope to respond to the current challenges we are facing and provide thought provoking ideas and concepts. I look forward to connecting with others who are interested in these topics and especially other working women and mothers.

Please take time to comment or reach out to me directly. I love to help others with their performance and coach them to success.


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