About Jessica

Communication Maximizer Ideation Input Strategic Achiever

A mother, wife, employee, working woman, leader, strengths coach, and passionate performance advocate.

Who is Jessica Tietjen?

I am a quintessential multipotentiality (for those without a “communication” talent – a perfect example of a person with interests spanning many different areas) – I love being a wife and mother to my three children (identifying strengths from birth!); I enjoy reading, puzzles, and the outdoors; and on the side I also have responsibility for all of Experitec’s Shared Services Group (Talent Management, Information Technology, Legal, Order Management, Project Coordination, Marketing, and Administration).

I am motivated each day by my core purpose to help people more fully enjoy their lives, including their work, so one day they can look back on their lives and say “I lived a great life, and Experitec (my work) was a part of it.” I am extremely passionate about performance excellence, personal accountability, improvement through the use of technology, exhibiting a positive service oriented mindset, and most importantly helping people develop their talents into strengths in order to produce extraordinary results.

My combined talents ensure I am continually learning and improving both personally and to be the best manager for the employees I serve each and every day.

My Top 5 Gallup Strengths Include: Communication, Maximizer, Ideation, Input, Strategic

What I Do

Talent Management

Technology Implementations

Operations Management

Agile Performance Management

People Management

Leadership Development

High Potential Programs

Change Management

Accountability & Mindset Training

Podcast Interviews

Speaking Engagements

Gallup CliftonStrengths Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Thought Leadership Articles

Past Experiences & Awards

Gallup Exceptional Workplace Winner
Experitec, Inc. was named a Gallup Exceptional Workplace winner based upon the engagement levels.

Gallup Manager of the Year Nominee Finalist
My amazing employees surprised me by nominating me as a Gallup Manager of the Year and I was a finalist.

Gallup Called to Coach Podcast and Speaker at the Gallup Strengths Summit
I was invited to speak as one of three Managers Award Nominees at the Gallup’s Strengths Summit. I also participated in a Gallup Called to Coach Podcast on Engagement, Clifton Strengths: Experitec’s Incremental Approach. https://www.gallup.com/cliftonstrengths/en/321206/engagement-cliftonstrengths-experitecs-incremental-approach.aspx

Brandon Hall Excellence in Talent Management Award Performance Program
Experitec won this award due to our approach to our agile performance management approach to enhancing employee performance to improve business results.

Brandon Hall Excellence in Talent Management AwardEngagement
Experitec won this award due to our outstanding commitment to employee engagement.

Brandon Hall Excellence in Talent Management Award – High Potential Program
Experitec won this award for best advance in a high potential leadership development program.

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