Invisible Boundaries

Invisible Boundaries – A poem by Jessica Tietjen

We may have escaped and broken free

From the cage that we could see

But beyond the cage lies an invisible boundary

A boundary and barrier that are hidden carefully

This boundary, this barrier was created intentionally

To keep us trapped and stuck within

Unable to escape, to move beyond where we have been

To believe that we are finally free

When in reality we just can’t see

We can’t see the ways we are still trapped

Trapped by our own ability to adapt

Adapting to the hidden limits that appear natural

When really their benefits are actually unilateral

Their benefits only for those who create and keep them

To prevent us from seeing and bringing mayhem

For those who want us to believe we are free

That we should be happy and carefree

When in reality we are bound by this invisible line

Only able to see glimpses when we are not blind

When we are not blinded by their stories and illusions

The tales they tell of our freedoms and delusions

That our desire for more than what we have is unreasonable

That what we ask is unspeakable, unachievable, & inconceivable

That we already have all that we could possibly need

That we’ve been blessed with what’s already been agreed

And to ask for more only demonstrates our greed

We are free to vote, work, speak, own, and breed

What more do we need?

How dare we believe our voice carries weight

That our answer of “no” should stop rape

That our opinions and views might be considered first-rate

That we have the ability to change our own fate

How dare we ask for more protection

From abuse, rape, incest, and molestation.

That the actions were not the result of our instigation

That blaming the victim is just a deflection

How dare we want to be trusted and believed

For others to hear and witness how we were aggrieved

To believe our stories of being hurt and deceived

To recognize the pain, we’ve endured and received

How dare we demand retribution for crime

For abusers and rapists to receive adequate time

To prosecute and punish these crimes full-time

To recognize these crimes all the time.

How dare we demand equal pay the work we perform each day

For our superior, exceptional work, they consistently downplay

To receive the same recognition and opportunities in the workday

To speak of our success and not stay out of the way.

How dare we ask for more time after our babies are delivered  

For the time we need to recover, nurture, heal and not be withered.

To be paid enough money to afford to take time

And not be forced to stop working or go part-time.

How dare we demand to feed our babies with the milk we create

For the time we need to adequately acclimate.

To be given the time and necessary break

For pumping our breasts while you patiently wait.

How dare we ask to return to our jobs without a set-back

For the ability to continue and keep our careers on track

How dare we need something different in terms of support

For the opportunity to prevent our careers being cut short

How dare we demand better choices for childcare

For money, time, and access to places with quality care.

To ensure children grow up safe and unharmed

To allow us to focus on work and not be concerned or alarmed.

How dare we demand and need quality maternal medical care

For the doctors, medicine, pre- and post-natal care

To prevent unnecessary death of new mothers everywhere

To monitor for depression without judgement and with due care.

How dare we need empathy and support for what we’ve endured

For care and compassion and to be reassured

To have our concerns heard and not obscured

To get what is truly necessary in order to be cured

How dare we think our experiences with pain should be heard

For our stories to be accepted not twisted and blurred

To know that our mental health is more than just a catchword

To receive mental and spiritual support for all we’ve endured.

How dare we demand crazy not be how we are defined

For the traumas we’ve carried in our heart, body, and mind

To provide real care that can heal all of humankind

To receive compassion for how we’ve been maligned.

How dare we want to decide with our mind about our body

For we are more equipped than anybody, everybody, and somebody

To decide what we need given our unique situation

To be free to choose without damnation.

How dare we demand the right to decide

With our doctor’s advice as our guide

For the right to decide what happens to our bodies on the inside

For the right to decide who will live and who will die

For no one should have to make this decision, this choice

But the only answer lies in the patient’s voice  

How dare we want to be considered in decisions of the court

Even though we were never even considered at the start

That at the time we were little more than a life escort

That our perspectives and opinions did not require support

How dare we demand that our voices should be heard

That our opinions and needs are not absurd

That although we’ve been quieted, we’ll have the last word

That we have the roar of a lion, not a little lovebird

How dare we…

But do we dare?
Will we dare?

What will we dare?

After more than 200 years, we’ve not yet remedied these atrocities

For to remedy these wrongs, we must admit their inadequacies

That they did not know then what we know now is true

That the world they created failed to consider another point of view.

That when they made their decisions and when they began it

That they did not consider the perspective of half the beings on the planet

And in this decision, they created a world inherently broken

Which now requires that we become outspoken.

Will we dare to believe that our voices can be heard

That our needs and demands are not absurd

That we must rise up, see, and speak to the invisible

The barrier they pretend isn’t real or visible

But somewhere deep down we all know it’s there

We all feel this hidden and invisible barrier

When we start to push beyond what we’ve known

We feel the boundary hold us as real and hard as stone

If we want to truly expand into our rightful place in this world

We must destroy the invisible boundaries created by our old world

By destroying these limits we’ll transform the world for the best

A world where our daughters will not be oppressed.

If we want to finally make this world right

We must accept our role in this special fight

We must step into our power and light

We must fully accept our birthright

Our right to be considered fully for the unique ability of childbirth

Our right to be seen, heard, valued, and demonstrate our worth

Our right to protection anywhere on earth

Our right to change the world and initiate a re-birth

Our right to stand side by side as equal beings on this earth

All Copyrights Protected

@evolvingtoexceptional by Jessica Tietjen

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