Journey of a Working Mother Feeding Babies!

Every mother has a journey with feeding her babies – this is mine! In honor of breastfeeding week – I want to share my journey – the challenges, the successes, and the significant transformations! All mama’s need to know they aren’t alone and it is HARD!

What’s better for your career – learning new skills or to play golf?

I hope one day making a decision as to whether to learn a particular sport for the purpose of a career is no longer relevant. I hope one day what we bring to the table, what we learn, what we are capable of, what we are and can do are what drive our opportunities.

Women’s History: Transforming How We Live and Work

As Women’s History Month draws to close, I think it appropriate to reconsider how women might make history moving forward by transforming how we live and work. By engaging in meaningful discussions about the different experiences women and men have with working. By challenging long-held assumptions about how men and women should work, who should be responsible for the unpaid work, how and when that unpaid work is done, and how and when we interact with our families. By recognizing how changing our practices has and could continue to bring about tremendous value to our families, workplaces, and communities. We can craft a future which creates harmony between our work and lives allowing us to feel successful in both.

International Women’s Day: Voices of Women Summit Jessica’s Session

Watch this session to learn more about: vulnerability and courageous leadership and why we all must be leaders in the future; how continuous coaching based upon strengths helps to achieve extraordinary performance; and why if we believe in our ability to achieve extraordinary performance we can create exceptional life experiences, workplaces, schools, and communities.

Welcome to Jessica Tietjen’s Blog

Thank you for taking the time to come to my blog and check out topics I am writing about and sharing. I hope you find the topics relevant, relatable, and impactful to your life. Over the course of 2020, a lot (is an understatement) of the number of major events that occurred forever altering ourContinue reading “Welcome to Jessica Tietjen’s Blog”