Journey of a Working Mother Feeding Babies!

Every mother has a journey with feeding her babies – this is mine! In honor of breastfeeding week – I want to share my journey – the challenges, the successes, and the significant transformations! All mama’s need to know they aren’t alone and it is HARD!

Women’s History: Transforming How We Live and Work

As Women’s History Month draws to close, I think it appropriate to reconsider how women might make history moving forward by transforming how we live and work. By engaging in meaningful discussions about the different experiences women and men have with working. By challenging long-held assumptions about how men and women should work, who should be responsible for the unpaid work, how and when that unpaid work is done, and how and when we interact with our families. By recognizing how changing our practices has and could continue to bring about tremendous value to our families, workplaces, and communities. We can craft a future which creates harmony between our work and lives allowing us to feel successful in both.