International Women’s Day: Voices of Women Summit Jessica’s Session

Voices of Women Summit

Description: As Leaders we must be courageous and willing to be vulnerable with the people we lead, by sharing our own personal experiences and challenges in both the workplace and our lives outside the workplace. This courageous leadership and vulnerability allow leaders to meaningfully connect with and provide better coaching for employees. Continually coaching employees cultivates a mindset of growth, high accountability, strengths-based development, and extraordinary performance. Employees who experience continuous strengths-based coaching and apply the principles to their careers and personal lives are more likely to achieve extraordinary performance. Extraordinary performance creates exceptional life experiences, workplaces, and ultimately stronger business results.

Due to the exponential changes in technology, the challenges in the world (particularly women in the workplace), and the rate at which we are experiencing change, navigating these challenges while fulfilling our desire to have a positive life experience is difficult.

Watch this session to learn more about: vulnerability and courageous leadership and why we all must be leaders in the future; how continuous coaching based upon strengths helps to achieve extraordinary performance; and why if we believe in our ability to achieve extraordinary performance we can create exceptional life experiences, workplaces, schools, and communities.


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